Weekly Newsletter

Shepherd of the Coast Early Childhood Center

Week of: February 8, 2016

Infants ¦ For Bible Time we will hear a Story "On the Go Safety.  The theme for this week is "Ms. T. Our letter this week is "T,t.  Our art project will include tire tracks on the letter T. Special activities include Take turns passing a toy and Talk on the telephone.

Toddlers ¦ Our Bible Words will be Let us love one another.  The theme for this week is "Ms. T. Weekly activities include Collage letter T, Make a Turtle puppet, and a Valentines Day Card exchange on Friday.

Pre-K 2 ¦ Our Bible Words will be Ley us love one another.  Our Theme is "Letter T. We will Collage Letter T, Make a Turtle Puppet, and Color a Picture of a Goat.  Our special activity will include a discussion on Outdoor Safety Rules.

Pre-K 3 ¦ Our Bible Time includes "Let us love one another.  Our letter of the week is "T, t.  Our activities include Trace and Cut out Letter T, add Torn Paper to our Letter T, Stop and Go Signs, and a Valentine Project .  Music and Movement will include a Stop and Go Game.  Story Time will include Who Said Red.  Special Activity will be a Party on Friday.  Wear red on Friday.  Wednesday is Chapel Day, and Thursday is PE in the Gym.

Pre-K 4 ¦ This information is for both Mrs. Laura's and Mrs. Gaibe's classroom since they are both using the same curriculum.  Each classroom will receive an individual weekly calendar outlining the daily activities.  Our Theme for this week is "Ms. T/On the Go Safety.  This weeks activities include Story Time: D.W. Rides Again.  Meet and Greet Ms. T, Practice Your Smile, Telling Time With Ms. T, Learn About The Emergency Number 911, A Safety Poem, Ms. T's Mystery Box, Is It Safe?, Trace and Cut Out a Toothbrush, Bike Safety, Ms. T's Big Book One Wonderful Smile, ABC Bingo, and Science Book I Keep Myself Safe. 

All of the above are domains to learning.  While we are working on the items listed above we are learning Letter Knowledge, Vocabulary Words, Listening Skills, Print Awareness, Math, Science, and Social/Emotional Development.